Frequently Asked Questions

Is NovelEasy really free?

Yes, it is. As we add new features, we may eventually include some premium ones, but whatever is free today will still be free then.

Does NovelEasy own the rights to the books I write using the app?

No, you own the rights to anything you create and NovelEasy makes no claims to those rights. Users who violate the rules outlined in our Terms and Conditions run the risk of having their accounts and content permanently deleted from our servers, but NovelEasy still makes no claims to that deleted work.

Is there a limit to how many novels I can write on NovelEasy?

Yes, the current limit is 10 novels. We encourage exporting your finished novels to Markdown file (via each novel's "Download Novel" link) locally to your computer to make room for new ones.

What is a Markdown file?

Markdown files (.md) are a versatile type of text file that can be opened by most modern text editors, like TextEdit on Mac or Notepad on PC. They're simple text files that allow formatting by surrounding text with special characters. Read more about Markdown here.

More questions? We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message with any questions you have.